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Activated Carbon
Place of Origin:
South Korea, Seoul, South Korea

Small size but great water purification ability!!


The portable water purifier is designed to use in any place a water source is available and provides you with the top class drinkable water without external power supply source. The system is recommended for use in houses and, in particular, outdoors for camping, fishing, hiking and in a time of disaster. The filter removes viruses, bacteria and harmful chemical pollutants.


The block filter and portable water purifier developed with new technology and new materials having characteristic functions.


The product has a high ion exchange function and an excellent effect of adsorbing, absorbing and removing impurities, heavy metals and organic compounds.


The product has an excellent function of sterilizing microbes and germs by antimicrobial and sterilizing balls.


Use the portable water purifier for the following cases.


-        When you are not sure if any water is drinkable or not

-        When you have to drink water in valleys

-        When water is not available while journeying

-        When you want to drink safe water during training outdoors


Portable water purifier for emergency cases:


-        In the areas short of drinking water

-        In the areas of possible diseases due to water


Water purifying capacity: 0.8Lx 3 times → 2.4L/day